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"Why I Ride Jim Taylor Saddles" - Jonathan Gauthier

“As you know, comfort is key. For the horse and the rider. A good fitting saddle is going to help you connect and communicate better with your horse(s). An ill fitting one will do the opposite and break that connection. Here is what I ride and why I ride it!”

Cow Horse

Sharee & Steve Schwartzenberger and Jim Taylor Custom Saddles

Reining pioneer Steve Schwartzenberger & daughter Sharee, NRHA Professional have been part of the Jim Taylor Saddlery legacy since the very beginning. It’s interesting to hear how the saddle impact their business and career and we are honored to be involved with this wonderful family of great horsemen and horsewoman.

Silver Show Saddle

Jim Taylor Custom Saddles & Josh Quintus

The partnership between Professional Arabian Pleasure Trainer Josh Quintus and Jim Taylor Saddlery goes way back! Listen and watch as Josh explains why that is as he showcases is beautiful saddle and majestic horses.

Roper & Ranch


Francois Gauthier on his Jim Taylor Saddles

Huge success has been achieved for Reining icon Francois Gauthier while riding Jim Taylor Custom Saddles. Francois recalls some of those successes and tells us what, to him, is special about the saddles. One in particular.

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